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Active projects

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
(mp)OTR DrWhax Cryptography, Programming, Open source projects, Git, Privacy Software World domination
ACTA/mouse trap Catching mice Other Fun
AH bonuskaart exchange Muse Community World domination
AV Workstation Realitygaps Programming, Audio, Video, Graphics Software Fun
Another World Now Orsans Problem solving, Metal- and woodworking, Coding, Common sense, Community building, Construction, Cooking Community World domination
AnusCopter Ranzbak, The JinX Soldering, Electronics, Coding, UI design Electronics Fun
Arcade Machine Andreasr, Control-k, Realitygaps, Wizzup Programming Software Fun
BrewBetterBeer Justa Brewing, Basic electronics, Not Being on Fire, Construction, Biology FoodHacks Fun
ChaosVPN Networking Community World domination
Closetbox Chotee Open source projects, Scripting, Networks Community Infrastructure
Cone Skirt Webmind Sewing, Math Sewing World domination
Dalek Woodworking Mechanics World domination
Diyspotwelder Electronics, Metal- and woodworking, Soldering electronics programming Mechanics Infrastructure
Drone 1-2-3 Cyberdutch RC planes, Arduino Electronics Fun
DropMeister Kwikrick Hardware, Electronics, Software, Photography Other Fun
Eminent Omegan old-school analog organ Basic electronics Electronics Fun
Eventcase Piele Networking, Community building, Privacy Other World domination
Food Hacking Brewing, Biology, Teaching, Cooking FoodHacks Fun
Goodbios DrWhax Soldering, Software, Hardware Other Fun
Hackerspaces exchange Becha Community building Community Fun
Hackerspaces tour Becha Community building Community Fun
Hacking ZTE-G S511, cheapest mobile phone at €7.50 Precise soldering of SMD, Reverse engineering firmware, ARM assembly Electronics Use in other project
User:Helios/weather-station Helios Arduino, Electronics, 3d printing Electronics Fun
Karma server Becha Programming, Community building, Open source projects, Presenting Software World domination
LEDsDoIt Ultratux Standing on ladders, Wiring shit up, Cooling, The Art of Lighting Other Infrastructure
Ladies Night Becha Community building Community Use in other project
Laser-pop Chotee Electronics, Arduino Electronics Fun
Lightswitch Webmind, Wizzup Soldering, Lasercutting, Insanity, Programming Electronics World domination
Math didactics Guido Teaching, Maths Other Education
Midi Panel Erwin-c64 Electronics Fun
MyLaptop Narya Software, Social Networking, Common sense, Cryptography, Learning Software Education
NYANbanner The JinX, Vermin Soldering, Electronics, Coding, UI design Electronics World domination
Neopixel Einstein Basic electronics, Programming, Arduino Electronics Fun
OHM-DMX-LIGHTS Soldering electronics programming Electronics Use in other project
Open-BCI Silbo EEG, Electronics, Medical, Neuron stuff, Programming Electronics World domination
OwncloudTasksOnPebble Madeddie, Narya Programming Software Fun
PIP-GRL 31415 ZTiK Arduino, Basic electronics, Coding, UI design, Not Being on Fire Electronics World domination
Phicoh Copter 1 Phicoh Electronics, Fine mechanics, Helicopters Mechanics Fun
Piratebox DrWhax Sharing datalove Software World domination
Plexilights Ultratux Electronics, Figuurzaging, Material management, Coding Other Infrastructure
Polyhedrone Brainsmoke Pcb design, Golang, Maths Electronics World domination
ProtestGSM Android Community World domination
RIPE Atlas probes at hackerspaces Becha Community building Community World domination
Robokoding Silbo Robotics, Embedded stuff, Mechanics, Lasercutting Electronics Education
RoofTopNetwork HakIT Networking, Climbing roofs Other World domination
Rtl-sdr Einstein 2+ Software Fun
Shardik Realitygaps, Voidz0r Python, Irc, Programming, Git Software World domination
SpaceFED DrWhax Software Infrastructure
SuckWell Ultratux Soldering, Pneumatics, Mechanics Mechanics Fun
T-shirts Hacking Becha Sewing Sewing Fun
TInance Wizzup Programming, Statistics Software Infrastructure
TTIP Ultratux Soldering Electronics Fun
Techinc Ceph Grid Storage Ceph, IT, Networking, KVM Other Infrastructure
Techinc Infra Nathan7 Networking, Security, Planning Software Infrastructure
Techinc LogoHack Minimac Soldering, Programming Electronics Fun
TshirtGears Ultratux Other Promotion
UV/Vino V Electronics World domination
Vendingmachine Einstein 2+ Community Fun
Vintage Narya Gardening, Assembling, Chemistry FoodHacks World domination
WeatherDuino Narya Soldering, Coding Electronics Fun
X201/Coreboot Webmind Software World domination


Projects needing parts

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
N900 Tinkering Wizzup Soldering, Electronics Electronics Fun
Safe sudo The JinX Coding, Access control, Soldering, Electronics Software Fun
SpaceAPI:Map/Benelux The JinX Electronics, Coding, UI design, Pcb-destruction Electronics Education

Projects in planning

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
555 Sequencer The JinX Electronics Electronics Fun
Aluminium Casting Webmind Metal work Mechanics Education
Bike boost Mechanics Fun
Canalview Dramaturg Coding, Cameras Software Fun
Chopping Board Scales Amx109 Other Fun
Custom Tent Amx109 Making, Sewing Other Fun
DIY Raman spectroscope V Electronics Promotion
DildoMaker DrWhax, Nathan7, Wizzup Penetration testing, Biology, Probing, Open source projects FoodHacks Fun
Dromotica Home Improvement, Networking, Data logging Electronics Infrastructure
Electronic printed paper Design, Print screening, Basic electronics, Soldering electronics programming Electronics Use in other project
Email alert installation Amx109 Arduino, Electronics, Soldering, Programming Electronics Fun
Email photo upload Programming Software Infrastructure
Embroidery machine Narya Electronics, Coding Electronics Use in other project
FedSensor Electronics, Open source projects, Programming Electronics World domination
Fermentation controller Algoldor, Justa Electronics, Biology, Brewing, Coding, Construction, Making, Open source projects, PCB Design, UI design Electronics Fun
Gsm DrWhax Haxxx Other Education
Hacker in residence Becha Community building, Home Improvement, Networking Community Use in other project
Hackers tribes Becha Community building Community World domination
Internet Governance and hackers Becha Community building, Hacking Community Education
Interspatial pale ale Justa Fermentation brewing beer social FoodHacks World domination
Kid Solder Kits Electronics, Education, Design Other Education
Koudhe Ranzbak, The JinX Not Being on Fire, Cooking, Construction Other Fun
Learning Entry Point Guido Clear writing Other Education
MeshNet Becha Community building, Networking Community World domination
Mini Narya Mechanics Mechanics Fun
MovieNight Becha Community building Community Fun
NarCopter Narya Soldering, Electronics, Coding, Cameras Electronics Fun
Open Ecig Realitygaps, The JinX Electronics, Not Being on Fire, Soldering, Vaping, Design, Programming Electronics World domination
Orangerie Narya Glass cutting, Recycling Other Infrastructure
PC ATX PSU Power Supply Electronics Fun
Personal Knowledge Management Hdez Software, Coding, SQLite, Bash, Git Software Education
Plasma Cutter Amx109 Welding, Electronics, Making, Exploding Mechanics Fun
Plausible Deniability The JinX, Wizzup Cryptography, Common sense, Legal Software Education
Privacy Wear Phrag Electronics, Photography, Light Spectrum Electronics World domination
Project ball pit Other Fun
Quadcopter workshop Justa Basic electronics, Arduino, Construction, Common sense Mechanics Fun
Social Blocks Sharing datalove, Social Networking, Networks Software World domination
Software Sundays Realitygaps Software, Programming, Teaching, Learning, Hacking Software Fun
Streaming ASCII Pr0n Sacha Coding Software Promotion
TISSEOT Amx109 Electronics, Making, Welding, Painting, Coding Mechanics Infrastructure
TRTL Amx109 Electronics, Making, Arduino, Soldering Other Education
TeachingFLOSS Community building Community Education
The circle Social Networking Community Infrastructure
Usb human heater Amx109 Electronics Fun
Washing Machine Tank Amx109 Welding, Reverse engineering firmware, Anger management, Mechanics, Penetration testing Mechanics World domination
Wearable electronics Narya Basic electronics, Sewing Sewing Fun

Dormant projects

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
BlueParkingMachine Hardware, Software, Basic harware software, Reverse engineering firmware Electronics World domination
BrainMachine Soldering, Basic electronics, Coding Electronics Fun
Ctf-evenings MRieback Hacking, Forensics, Problem solving Software Fun
Dress1 Narya Sewing Sewing Fun
FBus Silbo Arduino, Programming Software Use in other project
Keket Narya Electronics, Programming, Home automation Electronics Infrastructure
LINSN LED strips Epidemik, Justa Basic electronics, Reverse engineering firmware Electronics Fun
NRF24L01 Voidz0r Basic electronics, Programming Electronics Fun
P2pbgpsec Software Infrastructure
PriMol Coding, UI design Software Education
Privacy Software Workshop Series Becha, Phicoh Software World domination
SpaceAPI:Button Brainsmoke, Guido, Realitygaps Nanode, Arduino, Basic electronics Electronics Infrastructure
SpaceAPI:Map/World Electronics World domination
TableOfFire Amx109, Justa Mechanics Fun
Techinc soldering kit Brainsmoke, Justa, The JinX PCB Design, Ordering parts Electronics Education
Truck-3G Basic electronics, Programming Electronics World domination

Finished projects

Project Participants Skills Niche Purpose
8^3Cube Ultratux Soldering, Sitting still, Patience, Anger management Electronics Fun
ACTA/Ventilation Ultratux Mechanics Infrastructure
ACTA/Water Ultratux Other Infrastructure
Android Arda Xi Coding, UI design Software Infrastructure
Artwork Design Other Promotion
BBQ Narya Welding Mechanics Fun
Bash the Lights Brainsmoke, Realitygaps, The JinX, Wizzup Basic electronics, Programming, Bash, Baytech-inc Electronics World domination
Baytech-inc Axello, Voidz0r, Wizzup Electronics, Scripting, RS-232 Electronics Infrastructure
Better sound Ultratux Audio, Basic electronics, Ordering parts Community Fun
Book Crossing Becha, Narya Community building, Sharing datalove, Coding Community World domination
Button printing Webmind 3d printing Other Education
Call me Soldering Electronics Fun
Candles Narya Not Being on Fire Other Fun
Cerberups Ultratux Metal- and woodworking, Precision tooling, Assembling, Electronics, Fine mechanics, Creative thinking Mechanics World domination
Cerberus (metric) Ultratux Electronics, Fine mechanics, Assembling, Construction Mechanics World domination
CircularSawRefurbish Ultratux Mechanics Infrastructure
DEFEMBER The JinX Common sense, Legal Other
DeltaFlightcase Ultratux Woodworking, Measurements, Painting Mechanics Use in other project
Dirty Room II Ultratux Breaking, Building, Painting, Electricity, Plumbing, Storage management, Tool use Other Infrastructure
Doorbot Brainsmoke Mechanics Infrastructure
Fifty Shirts of Gray Becha Sewing Sewing Fun
French FX-7 robot Mi1es Electronics, Soldering, Programming, Creative thinking Electronics World domination
Hello-pack Creative thinking, Social Networking Community Promotion
HexTarp Narya Sewing Sewing Fun
Home Hosting Phicoh, Ultratux Admin Community World domination
IN digital tuner TO analog tube pre-amp TO b&o penta speakers OUT Electronics, Audio Electronics Fun
ISP Targetboard Brainsmoke PCB Design, Etching Electronics Infrastructure
LEDLightDistrict Guido, Wizzup Soldering, Coding Electronics World domination
Laptop 1.0 Cyberdutch Hardware Electronics Fun
Matelade Arda Xi Brewing FoodHacks Fun
Matrixpad Brainsmoke PCB Design, Electronics, Hardware debugging Electronics Infrastructure
NIKOTIN FIXA Brainsmoke, Realitygaps, The JinX Soldering, Basic electronics, Industrial design FoodHacks Fun
OYO Hacking Arda Xi, The JinX Software Fun
OYO sleeve Narya Sewing Sewing Fun
Office Space Voidz0r Creative thinking, Design Other Infrastructure
PCB Techinc Logo Brainsmoke Etching, Soldering Electronics World domination
Paint ALL THE THINGS Brainsmoke Beautifying, Painting, Projecting Other Fun
Polyhedron maps Brainsmoke Maths, Lasercutting Mechanics World domination
PowerbarQuadSwitch The JinX, Ultratux, Wizzup Electronics Infrastructure
RevBank Arda Xi, Nathan7 Community Infrastructure
SawWorkTable Ultratux Mechanics Infrastructure
Sewing workshop Narya Sewing, Learning Community Fun
Shaftbot Guido Soldering, Not Being on Fire Electronics World domination
SoldeerStago Ultratux Mechanics Infrastructure
Stapled felt cover for E-Book reader Becha Stapling Sewing Fun
Techinc Wheel Narya Electronics, Mechanics Electronics Promotion
Techinc ppl @ OHM2013 Community World domination
The filler of evil Fucking everything Mechanics World domination
ToolBoard Brainsmoke Other Infrastructure
UsbTinyIsp Cmpxchg Hardware debugging Electronics Use in other project
Utility Skirt Webmind Sewing Sewing World domination
WestSpaceAudio Ultratux Other Infrastructure