Bioprinter mod to print flesh

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Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 22.17.22.png
Participants Pulsr
Skills 3D Printing, Mechanics, Material Science, G-code, Bioengineering
Status Active
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Use in other project

Modifying a 3D printer to print with hydrogels using the FRESH method.

Project elements

  • syringe extruder
  • printhead attachment for needles
  • support bath hydrogel (agarose slurry with CaCl₂)
  • bioink hydrogel (sodium alginate based)
  • lattice g-code generation


works, but not very well, able to print small lattices


printing anime figurines out of my own fibroblasts


  • people who do tissue engineering / regenerative medicine / mammalian cell culture
  • access to a wetlab for mammalian cell culture

hmu if u can help (>ω^)