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Skills coding, UI design
Status Dormant
Niche Software
Purpose Education

This project focuses on controlling the Pymol UI using Primesense technology.

Source Code

You can grab the latest commit from github

Software Used

  • libfreenect (library for accessing the Microsoft Kinect USB camera)
  • OpenNI (Natural Interface library that interprets the kinect data)
  • PyOpenNI (python bindings for OpenNI)
  • pymol (molecular viewer with python scripting)

Make sure to use the unstable branch of OpenNI.


Make sure your kinect is working. Try running freenect-glview to see if the kinect can fully see you.

Start pymol, load a molecule of your choosing and set the view as you like.

Run the script inside pymol ( pymol> run ) and calibrate with the 'Psi' position. Which looks something like this:

| o |  
 / \  
 | |  

When the calibration is done you can turn the molecule along the z and y axis by moving your hands.

Moving your hands towards/away from each other will zoom out or in.


  • Zoom
  • Clean exit
  • More functions and switch between them
  • Better integration with Pymol