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Participants Becha, Justa
Skills Programming, soldering, documenting, listening
Status Planning
Niche Other
Purpose Education

Goals of this project are:

  • to make a DIY EMDR kit
  • in order to do-it-yourself EMDR-therapy at home
  • and to share this knowledge with others

We will do this by:

  • designing, shopping for parts, building, soldering, programming
  • learning how to do EMDR; testing the kit; using it!
  • documenting the process, the project; and teaching it to others; and presenting about it


  • Order equipment to buy: controllable LED strip; ESP32; power-supply?
  • Maybe also use: sound = headphones; small vibrators instead of phone-buzzers (used for bristlebots);
  • Promotion: CCC; hackaday; "hacking with care"; TBD? and similar;