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Participants Becha, Justa
Skills Programming, soldering, documenting, listening
Status Planning
Niche Other
Purpose Education

Goals of this project are:

  • to make a DIY EMDR kit
  • in order to do-it-yourself EMDR-therapy at home
  • and to share this knowledge with others

We will do this by:

  • designing, shopping for parts, building, soldering, programming
  • learning how to do EMDR; testing the kit; using it!
  • documenting the process, the project; and teaching it to others; and presenting about it


  • Order equipment to buy: controllable LED strip; ESP32; power-supply?
  • Maybe also use: sound = headphones; small vibrators instead of phone-buzzers (used for bristlebots);
  • Promotion: CCC; hackaday; "hacking with care"; TBD? and similar;
  • Education & support for friends


  • What is EMDR
    • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
    • "EMDR makes *tangible* the connection between the thoughts, un-processed emotions (trauma) and the painful body
    • "effects: light-dot that moves; a ticking-sound (non-rhytmical), and the buzzing "vibrators" to keep in one's hands"
    • "People with PTSD react negatively to the memory of their traumas. EMDR can help you process these upsetting memories, thoughts, and feelings. You’ll focus on specific sounds or movements while you talk about the trauma. This helps your brain work through the traumatic memories. Over time, you can change how you react to memories of your trauma."
    • "What happens during EMDR? Your therapist will ask you to choose a memory from the trauma and identify the negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings in your body that go with it. You’ll think about this memory while you pay attention to a sound (like a beeping tone) or a movement (like your therapist’s finger moving back and forth). Once the memory becomes less upsetting, you’ll work on adding a positive thought."
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