Schlieren Imaging Setup

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Participants Beatskip
Skills Photography, Mechanical engineering
Status Planning
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Education

The goal is to make a Schlieren imaging set up that can easily be set up and stored away.

Schlieren Imaging

Schlieren imaging makes use of the slight changes in index of refraction of gasses to visualize gas flows. both for different types of gasses and temperature differences. This will allow you to visualize thermal flow, gas flow, and some other phenomena you would not be able to see.

Single mirror schlieren.svg

The result gives some marvelous results and will allow for fun experiments, both to show to people and to get people included.

Setup plan

There are two spherical mirrors with a 130mm diameter available to make this setup. The goal is to make a box with the lasercutter that contains all components to quickly and easily set this up as a system. There are also two DLSR camera's available to use.

A more detailed plan will follow later.