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Participants Ranzbak, The JinX
Skills Soldering, Electronics, Coding, UI design
Status Active
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun


Weight: 1111g - 1500g

Power: 2200mAh - 8000mAh 3S LIPO 11.1V

Max power: 410W

Max lift: has to be benchmarked

Max speed: has to be benchmarked

Current flying weight: 1360g


Rear end

HJ 450 "classic" frame mixd with Firefly

Extended legs

4x Turnigy D2822/17 1100KV Brushless

4x 8045 CW CCW Propellers

4x Turnigy Multistar 30 Amp Multi-rotor Brushless ESC (2 with BEC)

AeroQuad 32 Flight Control board v2 (baloo)

Turnigy 9X 2.4GHz 8Ch Receiver (V2)

Turnigy 2200mAh (30C or 35C) or ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 25C or ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 30C 3S1P LIPO

XRF wireless RF radio UART RS232

LS20031 GPS + micro JST 6 (4 wires used)

XL-Maxsonar EZ0 (MB1200) rangefinder

Sony 600TVL CCD Camera

MAX7456 OSD Breakout + micro JST 1.0 7-Pin Connector wired to micro JST 1.0 8-Pin Connector

Elgae TS 351 5.8Ghz 200mW Wireless AV Transmitter

Some Battery Voltage checker / warning device

10 strand Dupont cable female-female

6 female jumper leads

4x 470 Ohm resistor and 2 white 5mm LED 2 red LED 5mm

1x XT60 and 8x 3.5mm gold bullet connectors

Heat shrink tubes

Velcro tape <3


Slightly modded Turnigy 9XR Transmitter Mode 2 + 11.1v (3s) 2200mAh 1.5C LIPO + FS-TH9X-B-Module

Elgae RC 305 5.8Ghz AV Receiver + L8008 8" 800x600 TFT color LCD monitor + XT60 connector + a 3S LIPO

Some Battery Voltage checker / warning device

EasyCap USB video c(r)apture device (USBTV007)

XBee Explorer Dongle + XRF wireless RF radio UART RS232 + SMA connector + Quad-band Cellular Antenna SMA

12V 10A Switching PSU + Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger + LM35 DZ - Temperature Sensor

LIPO charge bag

Spare parts

3x Turnigy D2822/17 1100KV Brushless

8x XT60 gold male and female connectors some male 3.5mm gold bullet connectors

9 micro JST 1.0 4 Connectors with wire + 1 micro JST 1.0 2 Wire connectors with wire + 9 micro JST 1.0 7-Pin Connectors with wire

10 micro JST 1.25 7-Pin Connector with wire

Black and white HJ frame arms

2 3D printed legs

Firefly fibreglass body parts

Some 8045 and 9050 propellors

Odds, ends and broken motors

23x M3 7mm Philips head screw

24V 5A Switching PSU

Some Battery Voltage checkers / warning devices

In transit

Even more velcro straps

LIPO charge bag

Build log

First crash
  • 2013-11-20 put AeroQuad in case and played around with it a bit Mac and Linux version of AeroQuad Configurator lack a bit
  • 2013-11-23 assembled body, screwed motors on with 16x M3 (~6mm) will need some more of those
  • 2013-11-26 charged batteries, added battery strap and receiver and wired it up with 10 wire Dupont cable
  • 2013-11-27 battery monitor leads (and header for LEDs) added drilled/routed a hole in top of case for jumper leads
  • 2013-12-04 XT60 wired and soldered to power distribution board
  • 2013-12-07 soldered and wired 8x 3.5mm gold bullet connectors, installed ESCs, soldered 6 pin micro JST to GPS
  • 2013-12-11 added 4 pin micro JST to XRF module and added 2 front and 2 rear LEDs
  • 2013-12-15 inserted TX installed props for first time, created case for XRF
  • 2013-12-21 new rear end frame upgraded fixation of LEDs
  • 2013-12-22 more zip-ties and some housing tests
  • 2013-12-26 replaced some motors, started 3D printing first leg
  • 2013-12-27 printing 2 more legs, bought 20mm M4s RVS nuts and bolts have to saw/dremel a bit off added battery wire containment strap
  • 2013-12-28 switched blue LED with a green one + 22K Ohm resistor in RX. finished quad legs, changed two arms and printed a non-fitting FPV thing
  • 2013-12-29 replaced another arm, those Firefly ones are flimsy this one broke after I killed throttle to not fly into myself at max 70 cm up
  • 2014-01-06 tested FPV cam, TX and RX need to wait for micro JST7 connector for OSD looked at for protection
  • 2014-01-08 printed cam mount
  • 2014-01-11 mounted cam, wired up all the new stuff and battery related things
  • 2014-01-15 cam installed, new battery fitted wired up
  • 2014-01-18 two new arms fitted and printed two spare legs
  • 2014-01-22 Piele found (and fixed) a short on the pins of the AeroQuad's ARM between the gimbal 2 and 3 (used for serial debug in our software)
  • 2014-01-23 added rangefinder / sonar and added a temperature sensor to the charger
  • 2014-01-24 pink cam mount, sonar mount and other accessoires printed
  • 2014-01-31 connecting and fitting OSD breakout for FPV
  • 2014-02-04 some code and flashing, still can't get OSD to display correct font set

Flight log

  • 2013-12-15 maiden flight .. second flight went too high, crashed from 6m and broke frame
  • 2013-12-22 small flight test in the dark, too windy to check at altitude but all controls seem to work fine :)
  • 2013-12-26 major imbalance on first two test flights, second and third night flight went mostly great though . .
  • 2013-12-27 indoor flight tests worked like a charm very stable .. battery empty indication problematic
  • 2013-12-28 crash on first attempt, stable flight indoor still .. might have to reconfig on ground instead of in space
  • 2013-12-29 emptied one battery indoor by doing a simple parcour .. broke another Firefly arm after falling ~60 cm on carpet :/
  • 2014-01-04 indoor testing, want to do a power benchmark soon, getting better feel for flying on 100% and non exponential
  • 2014-01-15 indoor test first FPV over couch :D
  • 2014-01-18 lots of flights testing different software and settings, more flashing, reverting, flipping, calibrated again and happy no major crashes although I did break another arm doing a couch landing
  • 2014-01-23 indoor flight-tests to check firmware
  • 2014-01-29 first real test of flipping, probably needs recalibration


Anti-glare guard for 8" screen will involve Industrial sewing machine Something like this probably

Outer shell to make it more crashworthy (probably not necessary)

Bigger, better and at-least less fragile in the arms department

Brushless Gimbal thing and Camera?

GSM/4G stuff for long range?


Some more useful reading

Other local flying projects

Justa copter 1

Phicoh Copter 1


Yiodah copter




Quadcopter workshop


STM32 flightcontroll

Aero Quad

Lessons learned

Check all your screws between all flights

  • lost 4 on maiden flight and 2 later on
  • possibly lost a prop that way (first crash)

Flame Wheel clones have pretty fragile arms don't buy the Firefly ones!

Overcompensation is a bitch

Being in a zen state helps

I can do this

Flying is fun!!

If you wanna go FPV get monitor without 'blue screen'

  • or as I now have configurable (now at 3 seconds)
Is on Fire? Not Yet