Cardinia Mini

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Participants Nudge
Skills Electronics, Mechanical engineering, Firmware, Reverse engineering, Soldering, PCB Design, Audio
Status Finished
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun

Cardinia Mini converts Pioneer DJ Touch Preview and Link Cue audio signals to work with any mixer, letting DJs get on with the mix.


See also Cardinia Pro.

Tools & Equipment

Schematic and PCB Design: Altium Designer

Firmware: FreeRTOS, lwIP, C/C++

Development IDE: MCUXpresso IDE, Visual Studio Code

PCB Manufacturer and Assembly: JLCPCB

Enclosure Design: SolidWorks

Enclosure Artwork: Adobe Illustrator

Enclosure Manufacturer: Yonggu Enclosure

Lab Equipment: Siglent SDS1104X-E, Rigol DP832

Reverse Engineering Tools: Wireshark

Website: vue.js, nginx, Docker, Hetzner