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Participants Realitygaps, The JinX
Skills Electronics, Not Being on Fire, Soldering, Vaping, Design, Programming
Status Planning
Niche Electronics
Purpose World domination

An open source electronic cigarette. Starting with the battery and basic functionality, hopefully progressing to programmable/flashable ecig. It should be possible to base it on an existing mod, there are many that have been shared online (with instructions on building them).


Build your own cigarette

The PUCK e-Cig Mods - Build Your Own Mod Any Way You Like


Step 1 is to produce a basic mod:

Basic Mod 3D Printed design

  • Update: 06/04/2014 - Have printed the box mod shown above, now waiting for 510 connectors to arrive in the mail.
  • Update: 10/04/2014 - Weve hacked an ikea screwdriver into an ecig, docs will follow


Available from


  • Possibility for expansion and various tweaks
  • User hackable/flashable?
  • Compatibility with other devices and accessories

Possible Basic Features

  • Compatible with 510 and Ego threaded accessories
  • Variable Voltage (3.2-5?)
  • Voltage control
  • On/Off/Vape button

Possible Advanced Features

  • LCD Screen?
  • Variable Voltage (3-5?)
  • Variable Wattage (5-12?)
  • Ohm reader (for carto/clearo)
  • More control buttons
  • MicroSD expansion ?

Later possible features

  • USB power out for charging other devices
  • Open source atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer

Other Links

Building an ecig mod from a flashlight (Video)

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