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TechInc Member
nickname Wizzup
Memberstatus member
Part of Projects LEDLightDistrict, Fluff, Plausible Deniability, Arcade Machine, N900 Tinkering, DildoMaker, TInance, Baytech-inc, Lightswitch, Bash the Lights, PowerbarQuadSwitch
Manages Cerberupsvoertuig, Gencore, Powerbar2, TP-Link

My Github account with public repos:

Projects I work on:

  • lewd (LEd Wall Daemon)
  • fluff
  • Мировое господство
  • SubGroups/AV
  • SubGroups/Network
  • Arcade Machine: MAME, Amiga emu, SNES emu...
  • MPD Music visualisation on the LED wall.

Projects I want to work on:

Can give:

  • Programming lessons/talks/lectures.