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Skills Sharing datalove, Social Networking, networks
Status Planning
Niche Software
Purpose World domination

Tagline: Outsourcing socialnetworking to very small shell scripts

Basic concept

Device design

  • Small wifi + storage capable linux box running on battery power for ca 12h, which ideally looks nice and fits in your pocket/gets lost in your bag.
  • Looks for similar devices within it's range that do not immediately disappear.
  • shares content with nodes based on combination of filters & preferences
  • collects rudementary statistics on it's interactions
  • accessible by smartphone over wifi

Interesting Properties

  • Anonymous
  • Based of -physical- location, technology adding to physical interactions, not trying to replace it
  • Outsources social networking blah.

Potential content ideas

  • Your own produced works, like your music, videos, articles, research, etc
  • Other stuff you think people should read/watch/lusen.
  • Business-cards, flyers, events, bookmarks
  • Other stuff you like to share...
  • Content requests

Filtering methods