Phicoh Copter 1

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Participants Phicoh
Skills Electronics, Fine mechanics, helicopters
Status Dormant
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Fun

This documents the Align T-rex 500 FBL I bought 2nd hand


  • Align t-rex 500ESP with 500 3G FBL modification
    • Motor: Align RCM-BL500MX
    • Servos (collective): 3x Align DS-510
    • Servo (tail): Align DS-650
    • ESC: Castle Link Phoenix ICE 75
    • Batteries: 2x Turnigy 6s 3.0 Ah
    • Still needed:
      • Receiver
      • FBL controller
        • Receiver and FBL controller can be combined as Spektrum AR7200BX (AR7100 + BeastX)
      • Satellite receiver: helicopter of size 500 and bigger need an extra receiver because the helicopter may shield or interfere with the reception of the main receiver.
      • Plugs for batteries and esc
  • Spektrum DX8
    Spektrum DX8.JPG
    • AR8000. I traded that one for some nice parts
    • Spektrum TM1000
      • The only sensor included is the tempature sensor (which I don't really need)
      • To be fully useful I need a cable from the TM1000 to the receiver (for power and receiver telemetry), a battery voltage sensor and an RPM sensor.
  • XT60 connectors (5 pairs)
  • Turnigy MAX200W Battery charger. Buyer beware: tends to blow up!
    Turnigy MAX200W.JPG
  • HobbyKing 350W 13.8V Power supply
  • SPMA9570 Aircraft Telemetry Flight Pack Voltage Sensor
  • SPMA9558 Aircraft Telemetry Brushless RPM Sensor
  • SPMA9550 2.5" Aircraft Telemetry Data Lead
  • SPM9645 DSMX Remote Receiver
  • 6ch Orange DSM2 Receiver (for testing and adjustments)
  • Training gear


In this section I only list the new tools I got for this project.
Phicoh Copter Tools.JPG
  • Home made bit screwdriver
  • PB 2.5mm hex and PB 2.5mm ball hex (part of the AR8000 trade)
  • Blade balancer
  • Prop balancer (also part of the AR8000 trade)
  • Ball link pliers
  • Swash plate leveler
  • Blade pitch gauge
  • Castle Link USB programming interface
  • Knife blades (also for blade balancing)


  • Battery charger blew up when I connect a battery for the first time
    • Erwin-C64 helped my with replacing the fuse (with a poper fuse holder and now an 8A fuse, should actually be 10A or more) and the MOSFET that had a short circuit.
  • Soldering XT60 connectors to batteries and ESC
  • Soldering battery voltage telemetry to ESC
  • Soldering motor RPM telemetry to ESC
    Electronics with Orange Receiver
  • Main head block seems bent