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Techinc Hearth.jpg
Skills Soldering, Woodworking, Microcontrollers, Led
Status Finished
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infrastructure

The fireplace is a continuation of the LEDLightDistrict project. It is the heart(h) of the social area.

The Device

The Led-wall is currently housed in a surround that makes it look more like a proper fire-place; made of MDF , created by User:milo user:justa user:einstein for use on the UrbanResort open day of 20130921.

It's been fitted with a set of switches on the left hand side that operate the functions of the led-wall and/or a power-bar mounted inside the left-most column of the fireplace.

The power-bar is supplied so that you can turn on any lamps or other 'peripherals' belonging to the fireplace with one simple action.

The hardware

The LEDs are 120 RGB modules are Max 1W each, based on the WS2801S chip.

  • Green wire is Clock
  • Yellow wire is Data
  • Black wire is Ground
  • Red wire is 12V should NOT be connected to the MCU directly, as it will break it!

The microcontroller is an stm32f030.

The PSU is an 80W 12V AC-DC converter.



Previous iterations

Earlier iterations of the fireplace / led wall have been documented in: LEDLightDistrict