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nickname the_JinX
Memberstatus member
Tasks Not being on fire, Engineering (broad)
Part of Projects NYANbanner, Plausible Deniability, Rubberfuse, SpaceAPI:Map/Benelux, Techinc soldering kit, OYO Hacking, 555 Sequencer, Open Ecig, AnusCopter, Safe sudo, DEFEMBER, Koudhe, NIKOTIN FIXA, Bash the Lights, PowerbarQuadSwitch
Manages Huelights

Hello, this is the_JinX (or Anus)

Real name: Anne Jan Brouwer

Profession: Developer, Engineer, Designer

Hobbies: Mostly software related, but also basic electronics, new technologies and embedded stuff, physics and extremes

Thanks and loves

Name Reason
Vermin Living with me and creating plexiglass case for NYANbanner v0.2 - v0.4
BuzZ Printing a case for OpenBench_LogicSniffer
Piele Soldering lots of things and helping out with the AnusCopter



Currently working on a real smart watch project. Where as all current generation "smart" watches get their smarts from a bluetooth connected phone . .

The watch is running on a ESP8266 SoC with integrated WiFi, running NodeMCU firmware (possibly with some tweaks) capable of running interactive Lua scripts.

Read more over at


Have a (sort-of) working QuadCopter which is often located in the space, slowly building a bigger and drone . .

GPS and telemetry isn't working yet, looking into neat solutions to fix those :D

It is currently in somewhat working state and has flown and crashed, check out the build log and crash log for more info.

AnusCopter rear end