T-shirts Hacking

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Participants Becha
Skills sewing
Status Finished
Niche Sewing
Purpose Fun

There were already two workshops in TempInc with T-shirts hacking; I did made a big flag in 2005 using geeky t-shirts; there is more interest about it, too... stay tuned!

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Future projects

  • Rainbow Hackers Flag - 2014

Past Projects

W6l.jpg - IPv6 Flag / World IPv6 Launch, 2012

Been there-done that-got a t-shirt.jpg Been There, Done That, Got a T-shirt (What the Hack, 2005)

OHM-50-shades 66A2135.png - Fifty Shirts of Gray, Observe Hack Make OHM2013.nl Fifty_Shirts_of_Gray

Hackers flag goes places

  • 2022, October, RIPE85: a background for a talk: "Remembering the Internet Revolution in Belgrade"


  • 2022, August: MCH2022 (May Contain Hackers): backdrop for filming "Hippies From Hell Sequel"
Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 21.11.24.png
  • TempInc May-Oct 2012

BECHA-hackerspaces-tour.027.png BECHA-hackerspaces-tour.029.png

  • TechInc @ hACTA Oct 2012

Space pano 1-20130130.png

Ti acta northeast-corner 2012-11-21.jpg Techinc-2013-01-06-kitchen.jpg

Tech Inc 2 November 2012 Panorama pic 1of2.JPG

  • BoF January 2013
  • HitB April 2013


  • BoF June 2013


  • BalCCon 2013, September 2013, Novi Sad

Been there at balccon 2013 small.jpg

  • WHT2005

Been there-done that-got a t-shirt.jpg

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