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Skills Networking, Security, Planning
Status Dormant
Niche Software
Purpose Infrastructure

This Project is the birth of stable, fast, reliable infra withen techinc, this project will allow members to have VPSES, CTF Practice Servers, A cups printserver that worked when its needed,maybe the ti wiki oneday.

What has been done:

Hypervisor RED is up and configured.
Hypervisor BLUE is up and configured.
LACP between core switch and glassroom switch is up.
Fiber and Power has been pulled to glassroom.
Basic Documentation.
LACP Between hypervisors and the Glassroom Switch is up.
Remote Powerbars control
Powerbars are on two seperate groups in TI.
Shardik VM
Webserver VM
Monitoring VM

What needs to be done:

LDAP Migration
RADUIS Migration
Administration server - Documentation/Passwords
CUPS Print Server for the space Printers.
Backup and Recovery
Cluster Failover
Cable labling of the Currant TI Environment
Checking if Documentation makes sense
IRC Bot for the monitoring Server
LTSP Server

The following diagram is a design of how the currant infra is
Bonding = LACP Trunk (Link Aggregation) for this document i will refer to this practice as LACP Trunk(s) or LACP Trunking
Orange Circles = an indication that all the lines (interfaces) in the circle are apart of the same LACP Trunk
White space with a Server icon in it = Means That all the items in that whitespace are physical connected/bound to that Physical Server.


Future Possible Concepts

Concept A the Core, Access, Distribution with single link fault tolarance between switches on the Core and Distibution Level.

Network Concept A .svg