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Purpose Fun

We are living in an interesting world with many opinions, shared by almost as many people. The structures that regulate and direct these opinions are discussed too, and descent seems to be an issue that leads to odd oxymorons in even the title of organisations.

The idea of this project is to look at this world in a way that a mathematician looks at physics and other technical views of the world that many claim is 'theirs'.

Mathematics is one of the most pure sciences, so pure that there is not even a Nobel prize for the science.

One of the foundations of modern mathematics is the knowledge of and application of Algebra. Algebra (from Arabic: الجبر‎ (al-jabr, meaning "reunion of broken parts"), and is thus verbally and content-wise a way out of this terrible thinking SNAFU. There is no need to determine where you came from, no need to 'rewrite' history, of which there is plenty, especially on the European and Asian side of the Atlantic ocean.

To work out algebra, a blackboard can be used. Currently, there is no real black board @ techinc. There were discussions about whiteboards, but the lack of needed contrast was worrisome. I propose we create a larger blackboard at the space.

There is already a small blackboard, but that one is not suitable for longer formulas. It has a surface of black-painted wood. A painted glass type might be more suitable.

How to clean a blackboard

A blackboard can be cleaned using a wiper, or better, Chalkboard Eraser Another way is using a sponge, rags and a plentiful amounts of water to rinse out the chalk.

How to make chalk