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Participants The JinX
Skills Electronics, Coding, UI design, pcb-destruction
Status Getting parts
Niche Electronics
Purpose Education

Make a map of the Benelux out of discarded circuit-boards displaying all the hackerspaces in the BeNeLux as rgb-leds.

The space-state (Closed, Open, Party, etc.) can be displayed on the rgb-led.

The next version is possibly a wall-filling map of the world.


  • Pile of discarded circuitboards (in the project-box, awaiting to be dismantled)
  • rgb LEDs (ws2801)
  • microcontroller (will probably use a Stellaris Launchpad)
  • Ethernet-module (enc28j60)
  • Character display (show some more info, maybe ks108 instead?)
  • Rotary encoder (scroll through a menu)
  • EL-wire (glowing rivers! \o/)


The Stellaris will retrieve the SpaceAPI JSON object, parse it for the spaces the map supports, then act upon the space-states and change the LEDs.

At the bottom of the map there may be a character display that shows more info, and with a scroll-wheel one can browse through all the available spaces on the map. A click will do a flashy-thingy for the particular space, so it can easily be located.


Since there are many colours of circuit-board it would be nice if each province can have it's own colour on the map. The pcb's could also be cut out so certain landscape features can be represented with electronics-components (forests, cities, etc.). EL-wire could be placed to visualize rivers and such.

The LEDs will stick through a hole at the approximate position of their space.

Moar ideas

  • Add audio with speaker for a 'clicky' sound when a space is selected with the wheel.
  • TTS using a DAC (Audio DACs typically connect over I²S, which the Stellaris doesn't have. There maybe is an SPI workaround)
  • TTS can say when a space opens. Or read aloud some of the Space-Info of a selected space.