Bike Workshop

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Participants Katje, Wfk
Skills Mechanics, Engineering
Status Active
Niche Mechanics
Purpose World domination


Following the success of the 1st Cycle_Maintenance_Workshop, there seems to be some interest within Techinc for the maintaining, and in some cases building of the bikes we all love so much. The aims of this project are:

  • Work together to keep our bikes road worthy and safe
  • Collect together the necessary tools to make this easier
  • Improve our knowledge and understanding of how bikes work.

What does this involve?

Activities of the project include:

  • Regular bike maintenance workshops
  • Classes for learning about aspects of bike care/construction i.e. Wheel building class


We have available for members to use in the space the following tools:

Bike Work stand


This work stand is for holding your bike while you use it. It allows rotation of the bike once attached to the stand as well as raising and lowering of the clamp. CLAMP TO BIKE SEAT POST ONLY. Do not clamp your bike by the frame, you risk damaging it, clamp it by the seat post only.


In order to get tools to help with the bike workshop project, 1 or more pledges have been created:

Past Activities