Phone system

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Skills Infrastructure, Audio, Phone, SIP, PBX
Status Active
Niche Community
Purpose Infrastructure

The phone system is mainly used to call into the space from outside.


Extension Description IP
3001 on the wall in the kitchen, Grandstream GXV3240
3002 on the table in the main space, Grandstream GXV3240
3003 in the ham shack, Grandstream GXV3240
3004 in the aux space, Grandstream GXV3240

Call Queues

Whenever the external phone number +31 85 201 6320 is called, the call will ring the phone that are in the space. If the space is open, this corresponds to extension code 6500. If it is closed, this corresponds to extension code 6501.


Extension Radio station
4001 Radio 1
4002 Radio 2
4003 Radio 3FM
4004 Radio 4
4005 Radio 538
4006 Radio BNR
4007 Radio 538 Dance
4101 Radio 1 (German)
4102 Radio X-Mas (German)
4103 NDW (German)
4201 Radio 1 (UK)
9627 Sky Radio X-Mas

All these extensions are forwarded to which gets an audio stream from the internet and converts them using ffmpeg.


The phone system is managed by the PBX stored in the server room. It is a Grandstream UCM6202 and can be reached at There is a DO NOT HACK sticker on this.