OYO sleeve

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Participants Narya
Skills Sewing
Status Finished
Niche Sewing
Purpose Fun

Version 1.0 beta

The first version was made of fake leather and smooth liner.

How to

  • Cut a rectangle of 17 x 35 cm out of leather
  • Put the (uncut) liner on a surface with the good side up
  • Place the leather rectangle with the good side down on the liner fabric and attach it with needles (on a small strip on the sides, because making hole in the parts of the fabric that you see does not look nice)
  • Use the outline of the leather to cut the liner
  • Sew the leather to the liner (about 0.5cm from the borders) and leave a few centimers open, so you can turn the fabric inside out later
  • Cut excess fabric on the corners away (this will make sure that you don't have fumbled fabric in the corners)
  • Turn the fabric inside out
  • Sew the open part by hand
  • Sew the sides with the machine (about 3mm from the edge)
  • Tadaaa, finished

Feature requests for next versions

With the first version you can see the liner. Which was the plan, it looks nice when the liner is a completely different color then the outside, but some might not want that. For the second version the liner will be hidden. Some parts can be strengthened. We can also add things like flaps, pockets for stylus / memory cards / usb cable.