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The Vintagers after a Miniature of the Dialogues de Saint Gregoire Thirteenth Century Manuscript of the Royal Library of Brussels.png
Participants Narya
Skills gardening, assembling, chemistry
Status Active
Niche FoodHacks
Purpose World domination

The idea is to make wine from home grown grapes. At the time of writing (August 2014) I have 5 plants of the type Muscat of 1/2 year old.

For a 0.7L bottle you need 1kg of grapes.

Cultivating the plants

Muscat first year
Muscat first year

Second year (2015):

Second year
Grapes on balcony

The plants moved to my new garden. One didn't survive and has been replaced with a slightly older plant. The other plants almost died, but got new sprouts and have to be treated as if they are in their first year. I let one branch grow and removed all the side or extra branches. Of the older plant I let two branches grow, starting about 70cm high. All the branches were attached to a pole to let them grow upward. This winter the younger plants will be cut about 70 cm from the ground to make the stem stronger. From the older plant one branch will be cut, leaving two/three buds. The other branch will be bend horizontally.


Good production, but not yet enough for wine. Well, it was enough for one bottle. I just ate them.


The plants will move again... or I will buy new plants for the new garden.


Material for cider

  • glazen fles 5L
  • waterslot
  • siliconenstop met gat 26x32mm
  • netel/kaasdoek
  • wijngist


  • ...