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Trtl chassis.jpg
Participants Amx109
Skills Electronics, Making, Arduino, Soldering
Status Finished
Niche Other
Purpose Education

The aim of this project is

to produce a low cost kit robot that aims to give someone an experience of making, not just a toy

The robot must be

  • simple to build
  • easy to use/program via software
  • have a reusable element
  • cost less than 20 EUR

The intent is to introduce kids and adults alike to building, making, electronics and software. For certain values of building, making, electronics and software.

This project is based off of work done for TRTL at the london hackspace -


All design and build detail will be made free via open source principles.

The electronics will be made as re-usable as possible. Something based around the arduino platform (ATMEGA328) will be used.


Robot Chassis

Simple Robot Chasis - 7.98EUR from hobbyking


H bridge - 1.75 EUR from farnell

'Arduino' Compatible micro-controller

Option 1:

Option 2:

  • Arduino Mini pro - 6.91EUR from
  • atmega serial->usb - 2.39 EUR from hobby king
  • 5 pin connector - 0.39 EUR

Total: 9.69 EUR (plus all the work of soldering a 'ftdi' cable)

Alternative to Soldering

Theres the option of using a breadboard and jumper wires, since the soldering is quite difficult and lengthy for a beginner.

the breadboards are - - 2.52 EUR

Total Expected Cost

Option 1: 18.24 EUR
Option 2: 19.42 EUR

Actual Cost

Sum: 16.2 + 8.51 + 1.81
Total: 26.52 EUR

with breadboard Total: 29.04 EUR

Alternatives - 42 EUR