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A list of pledges for equipment for our hackspace

Here is a form for new pledges, and here is a guide to running pledges

Current Pledge Drives

Name Specification Pledge Type Pledge Leader Target Running Total Image
3d printer: v400 Giant 3d Printer (FLSUN V400) Tools Grey €850 €0
Desktop-Sander-2022 A desktop-mounted static BELT and DISC sander to replace the mix of tools we have currently

Something like this:

Tools [[Justa|]] €135 €30
Makita-grinder2022 A makita grinder has been bought for 80 euros.

Justa would like to find funding for 60 euros of that total.

Tools [[Justa|]] €80 €55
New Ubiquity APs Pair of new Ubiquity APs for the space Infrastructure Grey €202 €202
New Ubiquity Switches 3x Ubiquity Switches Infrastructure Grey €142.81


Future Pledge Drives

The following pages are intended to collect ideas and information (such as costs) for future pledge drives and/or funding. For the moment they are not considered active. (When/if they become active we will change their state and announce them on the mailing list.)

Name Specification Pledge Type Pledge Leader Target Running Total Image
ABCF fire extinguisher ABCF Fire extinguisher: A more appropriate extinguisher for the hackspace kitchen. Currently we have an ABC one.

I want to fit it permanently to the wall above the sink so it is away from, you know, where the fire could potentially be.

Infrastructure Grey €60
Bandzaaglint II Tools tux €65 €55

Completed Pledge Drives

Name Specification Pledge Type Pledge Leader Target Running Total Image
ACTA Open Windows Infrastructure Wizzup, User:Justa €500 €530
Air Water infra Air and water space infrastructure Infrastructure Ultratux €639 €639
BandsawBelt Belt(s) for our Bandsaw Tools Ultratux €18.75 €18.75
Bandzaaglint Tools tux €65 €65
Barbecue Infrastructure Ultratux €20 €20
Beer kegs Kegs for the space Beautifying [[|]] €110 €10
Bicycle Work Stand Tools [[Katje|]] €59.99 €70
Big Power Pledge Power line upgrade Infrastructure ter €568.5 €500
BlackToner Black toner cartridge for our laser printer Infrastructure Webmind €40 €40
Build material paint etc for new room make new room ready Infrastructure Narya €250 €250
Cerberus Cerberus 3D printer (parts) Project Ultratux €600 €60
Club Mate caffeinated carbonated mate-extract beverage Narya €0
Cordless drill Cordless drill, also sometimes referred to as 'Makita' Tools Ultratux €44 €44
Digispark Digisparks Amx109
Electronics Components II Infrastructure smoke €0
Fire Extinguishers Infrastructure Hp197 €130 €130
Foam fire extinguisher 6 liter foam fire extinguisher Infrastructure Phicoh €54.45 €54.45
Fusebox Infrastructure tux €50 €50
Hexagon stickers it sticks Promotion Narya €155 €80
Hot Air Gun 50-600°C Hot Air Gun Tools Dreamer €59 €59
Jigsaw + Handsaw Jigsaw + Handsaw Tools Wizzup €95 €85
Karcher vaccuum cleaner WD3200 Infrastructure Narya €79.14 €79.14
Kitchen Infrastructure Ultratux €310 €210
LASERCUT laser tube for the lasercutter Tools o €200 €35
LEDLightDistrict Project Guido €220 €283.92
Lathe Wood Chisels Set of 6 wood chisels for lathe Tools tux €50 €50
Make zine subscription Makezine subscription Webmind €60 €62.5
Moar Air Fans Moar_Air_Fans Infrastructure tux €70 €70
New 3d Printer Tools [[Katje|]] €350 €350
OKI Metcal PS-900 Solder station Infrastructure smoke €142 €142
Prusai3 3D Printer Amx109 €200 €220
RevSpace anniversary train tickets Project Voidz0r €54 €18
Service sewing machines repair (industrial) sewing machines Tools Narya €253.19 €253.19
SoldeerStago Stago kabelgoot op soldeerbench Infrastructure tux €40 €40
Solder supplies Solder Tools tux, Chotee €40 €47
Speaker repair Woofers for speakers Infrastructure tux €46 €56
Steekkar Tools Ultratux €63 €63
Steering wheel TechInc logo style Looks like TechInc logo Beautifying Narya €100 €105
Stickers 45mm September 2014 it sticks Promotion Narya €60 €60
Stickers January 2014 it sticks Promotion Narya €130 €81
Stickers for 29c3 Its sticky. It sticks Promotion Amx109 €155 €155
Stickers for OHM Stickers for OHM Promotion Phicoh €130.08 €130.08
Table Multimeter Philips Table multimeter Tools Ultratux €69 €69
Techinc clothing Techinc branded clothing Promotion Reese €0
Tools Bootstrap Tools Peter €500 €340
WiFi - Router Infrastructure Wizzup €70 €70
Wifi Link Leiden Wireles link to the wirelessleiden network Project Webmind €125 €125
Workbenches Donated by RevSpace: pledge finished ??? €0
Working Wild Cutter Plotter Making the Wild Thing Cut & Draw Again!

We just need some parts to complete it so you can Plot & Cut!

Tools Quinor €150 €165
Zeefdruk clothing reprise T-shirts and hoodies Promotion Ultratux €1,350 €1,350
flexi-fice flexible non-metal vice Tools Webmind €12 €12
hackerspace-passports Hackerspace Passports Beautifying asr €30 €70
plastic crates Plastic storage crates Infrastructure Ultratux €21 €21
second fridge Miele fridge 85cm high Ultratux €60 €60

Failed Pledge Drives

Name Specification Pledge Type Pledge Leader Target Running Total Image
3DDoodler Handheld 3D Printer Tools Amx109 €65 €15
AV for OOH Presentations AV Presentation tools Infrastructure Wizzup €600 €120
Air inlet tower fan Bestron Powertower Infrastructure tux €45 €27
Automatic-Reflow-Oven T962 Infrared SMD & BGA IC Automatic Reflow Oven UL Infrastructure Piele €200 €150
CO2 Fire extinguisher 5 kg CO2 fire extinguisher Infrastructure reman €110 €60
Dirty room expansion Infrastructure tux €150 €0
Electronics Components Realize a stock of general components Peter €55
Filament 3D Printing Filament Tools Arda Xi €80
LEDsDoIt Infrastructure tux €48 €0
Laboratory Power supply Tools Peter €120 €80
Lightswitch Hardware Infrastructure p €50 €45
Mig Welder Tools Webmind €200 €20
Presentation Infrastructure Infrastructure Peter €0
Projector aka Beamer projector Infrastructure Wizzup €400 €130
RevTrain anniversary v2.0 train tickets Muse €0
Router (bovenfrees) Router(wood) (Dutch: bovenfrees) Tools Ultratux €70 €7
Stickers September 2014 stickers Promotion Narya €130 €10
Talk Konnect Boxes Infrastructure Wizzup €165 €72.08
Ultimaker 3D Printer Amx109 €1,194 €130
new member boxes Member boxes, for boxing members Tools Voidz0r €-10 €10
second dishwasher Education tux €100 €0
test it's for testing! Beautifying Dreamer €100 €0