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Tasks Being Awesome
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CodeAsm is who?

Fixing with minimal tools

Doing all kinds of things...

Like the projects that I do and some info you dont get when you ask me... well... just ask me on a wednesday or on IRC when im there. The image above is trying to fix someones router thingy while we where in china with no tools. Getting a soldering iron at 10pm is easy, some wires aswell, just ask the right people :D

My main focus might apear Xbox, but actualy is gaming consoles in general and programming software for them. This includes tools for on the pc and network related stuff. I also build hardware stuff, but not as good (yet) as some others.

Now I see you have read all this, you might also be intrested in visiting my awefully outdated blog/website: [ place of the unkown

Things I've build

  • Xbox Alpha pc (based on easy to get pc hardware
  • RS232 2 USB board with FTDI chip (random boards and wires, easy smd thing)
  • N8VEM (no longer its name)Single Board Computer based on the Z80 (sort of a kit) runs CP/M. The new wiki and forums
  • Arduino handheld gameconsole (buggy wire mess, lost code)

SBC Z80, with Aerospace grade(?) resistors for fun

builds currently in process

Builds starting up

  • Xbox AMR soundcard (pcb designing fase)
  • Xbox live server (linux or windows based)

Builds stalled

  • Xbox 360 Development kit build using Jtag.
  • Arduino gameconsole (TV/VGA)
  • Weather station Arduino based with 2.2 TFT.

Builds I have thought about doing

  • Handheld gameconsole using ARM
  • Gameboy game on DIY cartridge
  • Desktop powersupply
  • Frequency counter
  • Make my own pcb at home
  • Build an CNC Milling machine