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Skills Home Improvement, networking, data logging
Status Planning
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infrastructure

Project to introduce Home Automation, or Domotica, to my appartment.

Several modules will be introduced. All communicating over a mesh 2.4Ghz nRF24L01+ network.

Master Controller

  • RasPi
    • Doorbell-monitor
    • Sensor Logging
    • network uplink
    • remote light switching (dumb 433mhz toggle)

Living Room effector

  • Nano-v3.0
    • Blinds/window-controller
    • Temp sensor (DS18B20+)

Bedroom wakeup

  • StellarPad
    • wake-up lights (ws2801)
    • Temp/Humid sensor (DHT22)
    • n900-slave for alarm-setting

Further Reading