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Techinc logo pcb.jpg
Participants Brainsmoke
Skills Etching, Soldering
Status Finished
Niche Electronics
Purpose World domination

Since our logo is a working PCB design, we thought it was time we have a working circuit.

Techinc Logo PCB mkII

techinc_badge ordered from iTead studio

Test batch.jpg

Kicad logo.png

Build Instructions

Bill Of Materials
Element Quantity
Attiny85 1
Red LED SMD 1206 4
Yellow LED SMD 1206 4
Resistor 10K Ohm SMD 1206 1
Resistor 18 Ohm or 22 Ohm SMD 1206 4
CR2032 Battery 1
CR2032 Battery Clip 1
2x3 .1" Pin Header for ISP (optional) 1
Safety pin (optional) 1

It is a good idea to clean the PCB before you start soldering

An easy way of soldering smd components is to pre-tin one pad first. Then position the component by melting the pre-tinned pad and placing the component on its footprint. Then continue to solder the other end. Using extra flux will help a lot.

When soldering the LEDs to the board you must start with the upper most one.

the cathode (negative) must be on the outer most pad

starting clockwise, we will add all the other LEDs. The next LED must have its anode (positive) pad pointing outward.

Continue to alternate the polarity of the LEDs until you have soldered all 8.

You can figure out the polarity of your SMD LED here http://www.niktronixonline.com/Articles.asp?ID=140 . Another easy way of checking is to use the diode tester on a multimeter.

add the 18 or 22 ohm resistors in the positions shown below

add the final 10k/12k resistor

solder on the chip with the notch pointing to the right

Finally solder the battery clip on the backside

and it should light up!
Working logo badge.jpg



Circuit board

Techinc pcb.png svg

Code for AVR

File:Techinc badge code.tar.gz


More Pictures

Techinc pcb sheet.jpg

Techinc logo pcb.jpg