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Participants Ultratux
Status Finished
Niche Other
Purpose Infrastructure

Water consists of two projects; drain and freshwater.

Drain is behind the green steel door, fresh water however isn't. Fresh water needs to get to us from the kitchen ie. the toilets. That means some 30-45 meter conduits need to be placed overhead in the corridor to us. We need to decide on type of material, tools needed, calculate price, look at finances, etc. and in the process take into account any regulations UR might impose upon us.


Drain is somewhat simpler because much closer; we must drill a 40mm drainage pipe through the wall, connect it to a big drain pipe that is ~1 meter below our floor. The hard part is getting there since there is no way to place a ladder. Together with UR / Remco we need to devise a plan, possibly involving ropes and a harness to lower someone to the drain inlet 1 meter below. We need Remco's cooperation and go-ahead anyway since without his approval we aren't even allowed in there in the first place.

Fresh water

For making the supports for the freshwater conduit we need a better / higher ladder than we now have on loan (it doesn't allow reaching the ceiling) and someone to drill holes in the concrete every 50 cm or so. From the stories of Ikarus I believe renting a ladder at Gamma is a non-starter since there is a waiting list of several months. So please everybody, look in your household if there is a 8+ steps ladder you can do without for a few weeks please. Buying one is a last-resort type thing since these can get rather expensive... we could also ask our UR neighbors but since everyone is building, chances are high everyone needs their ladders themselves. Instead of a ladder we might resort to tables and chairs on top, but... well... that might block our neighbours way and be unsafe all at the same time.