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Participants The JinX
Skills Common sense, Legal
Status Finished
Niche Other
"Regain privacy online" is not in the list (Fun, Use in other project, Education, Infrastructure, Promotion, World domination) of allowed values for the "ProjectPurpose" property.
Don't trust this guy
It was dead simple for the Germans to seek after Jews in the Netherlands and deport them. Why? The carefully maintained Dutch citizen administration. Enter the archives, pick the Jews from the filing cabinets and the Sicherheitsdient could make a round of housecalls again. Back then, it was still useful as an act of resistance to break into the town hall and set the filing cabinets on fire — saving lives. NOT SO IN 2013. Should we ever face a hostile government (foreign or domestic) again, "they" will already know everything about us and no well-intentioned arson would foil them. But nobody gives a fuck. Because "nothing to hide" and "it's for our security" or "it's for fighting child porn". Bullshit. Pulling a dragnet over the Internet, like the NSA does and the AIVD/MIVD of Ronald Plasterk and Ivo Opstelten want, is lazy "investigation" of easy-going official machines. Finding needles in a stack of needles, through logging, tapping, registering and monitoring. Pre-emptively criminalised as citizens, as if each and every one are strike-envy ticking time bombs. Including all the Calvinistic, law abiding sheep who "don't have anything to hide anyway". The football-hooligan clincher "the minority are ruining it for the majority" now applies to *all* Dutch citizens. However, privacy is an inalienable fundamental right, which Plasterk is toying with as if it's just a formality. His services ordered the as-of-yet illegal dragnet technology, under the presumption that the required amendment will be arranged. This heated fury for security paints a government that became afraid of her own citizens. But the life of free citizens fucking ain't government property. It's war on the interwebs and the stakes are the fundamental right to privacy on a free, open and untapped network. We of the Internet demand an end to the feature creep of data collection schemes by the government, cancellation of the illegal Israeli eavesdrop software and a blanket refusal of the amendment which would enable mass-tapping the Internet by the AIVD and MIVD. The constitution is supposed to protect the citizen, not to grant the government more control over the people. Undirected wire-tapping must stop and politicians should stay away of our fundamental rights with their prying meddling paws.

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