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Participants Ultratux
Status Finished
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Infrastructure
user:Branko donated a circular saw to Techinc a year ago. We used it to cut the laminate flooring for the dirty room expansion, but it needed some love to get it back in a good and safe(r) state.

I worked on it and changed or replaced the following:

  • Replaced the power cable and plug which was in a dire state, with a good and long rubber cable + plug
  • Purchased a larger, fine-toothed saw blade for it from Eco-tools. The original blade was too small for the machine and completely blunt.
  • Soldered the broken holder of the saw protection lid and bent/adjusted it to sit correctly over the saw blade.
  • Took an old vacuum cleaner small brush, cut off the brush hairs, glued it to the back of the saw compartment to act as sawdust suction port for a vacuum cleaner hose
  • Cut out and bent to shape a piece of metal grille to act as a protection for the saw blade which was completely unguarded ('finger shredder')
  • Mounted it on a piece of wood fitted with mounting holes for the modular bench system we use in the dirtyroom

To do:

  • Bought a nice green-blue metallic Hammerite paint for it but have not had opportunity to apply it. Bit of work...
  • Design a better system to attach the metal grille protection. Now I use a temporary clamp to hold it in place.

All this was later scrapped to make something far better: SawRouterTable