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Participants Narya
Skills Sewing, Learning
Status Finished
Niche Community
Purpose Fun


This *was* an informal evening were you could learn how to operate the sewing machines at the space, learn the basics of making clothes, or to work on something fabric related.

The workshop organizer (Narya) still works on sewing projects occasionally. Mail her when you want to tinker with fabric together or if you want a quick instruction for the sewing machines that are in the space.

To learn the basics of sewing I recommend (they are also in the ACTA building) or one of the many "buurtcentra" in town.

Old workshop-text below.

When, what

It is not a class-room like course. You can just bring your own project or idea, and ask the people that are present for help and instructions. You can jump in any time.

Weekly on Thursday evening. See the Events page.

You can work on anything you like. If you want to demonstrate techniques, please do!

For those who want to learn the basics as is taught in several sewing courses, the format is a bit like this:

  • First evening: choose a pattern, you will learn how to measure, how to read a pattern, and put it on paper
  • Second evening: transfer pattern to the fabric, making marks on the fabric, preparations for putting the fabric together
  • Subsequent evenings: learn how a sewing machine works and put your project together


Except your own material it is free of costs. A donation to the space is always welcome.


  • There are three regular sewing machines
  • An industrial sewing machine has been added to the inventory (getting instructions before using this machine is required!)
  • Narya has a lot of magazines with patterns ranging from simple to complicated stuff and a few books about pattern design and sewing. Ask her (by mail) to bring it


Item Description Operational Status Super Users Owner
Industrial sewing machine stitches things (fabric, fingers, ...) BROKEN Narya, Braam, Bigmac Braam, Bigmac
Locker moved to another location Working Narya User:Narya
Sewing machine Pfaff 1222E Not at the space at the moment Working Narya User:Narya
Sewing machine Pfaff 6 straight stitches Working Becha, Narya ??
Sewing machine Singer 287 Zigzag sewing machine Working Becha, Narya ??


Things you need to bring yourself

  • Pattern paper
  • Scissors for paper
  • Pencil, sharpener, eraser, ruler
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Fabric (Wash it and dry it the way you normally wash and dry your clothes, so your new trousers, shirt, or other garment won't shrink afterwards)
  • Thread (same color as the fabric, or contrasting colors for example)
  • Scissors exclusively for fabric (!!)
  • Buttons, zippers, LEDs, or whatever your project requires


How a sewing-machine works:


Suggestions for your first project

  • Clothes: pants, skirt, shirt without too many details
  • Stuffed animals, e.g. Tux
  • Bags

It is best to start with something from a pattern. Some think that you need to start with something really simple like a pillowcase, but if you choose that you will only learn how the machine works. Choose a pattern with one or two dots (this indicates the difficulty) and you'll be fine.

Sewing projects at Technologia Incognita