Kid Solder Kits

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Skills electronics, education, design
Status Planning
Niche Other
Purpose Education


For the kids-workshop, and other types of solder-workshops, it'd be good to have a set of nice/cheap/simple designs with 'fun uses' available for people to solder.

This page should be a good repository for such designs/ideas.

Design considerations

The designs should take a couple of things in consideration.

  • The skill-level of the person putting it together: no small parts.. No SMD unless really needed (ie: if it's an SMD-soldering teaching-kit)
  • The fun-level of the design: Kids dont particularly enjoy a 'conceptual' kit that simply shows how to make a flip-flop from transistors
  • Cost: the cost should be low to keep the barrier-to-entry low. A €50,- kit wont sell... realistically, €15.- might still work