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Participants Ultratux
Skills Electronics, figuurzaging, material management, coding
Status Dormant
Niche Other
Purpose Infrastructure

I'm working on making one or more plexiglass/acrylate RGBLED-lit space objects. That sounds vague. Think of maybe a portal around a door frame made out of plexiglass beams/blocks, with RGB led integrated in them. Ideally they must be remotely controlled, they can then either be lit in a random nice pattern fashion, but it would offer many more possibilities; we could integrate it into the alertspace functionality, or signal that someone is in the space (open/close) or even ... whatever we think of. My guess is, if we make an API, someone else will find a great use for it.

The form will be a stacked strip of sawed plexiglass blocks of about 80mm x 200mm x 20mm with RGB LEDs interspersed every X blocks, that light them from the inside.

What I'm good at is figuring out the mechanics; cutting the plexiglass into blocks, polishing the surfaces, mounting LED modules onto/into them, finding ways (...) to adhere the plexiglass blocks to <other material> without screwing over the light effect, which proves quite a challenge since drilling gives bad results and glue is hard to do nicely. But that as an aside.

I'm not real good with code or APIs or arduinos and interfacing them. So ideally I'm looking for someone who wants to join this project and help me create the electronics/API side of things, beyond hooking up the LEDs to <some electronics>. For now I was contemplating using the LEDs (and the chips?) of a stretch of the LED strip that Wizzup imported, but at this point everything is still completely open.

The coming days I will be testing out different types of glues and adhesives to find a way to fix the plexiglass without adverse optical effects. Also how to integrate LEDs in a fashion that's least obvious.

If you want to help, please add yourself to the project and/or contact me on irc or email. user:ultratux