Software Sundays

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Participants Realitygaps
Skills Software, Programming, Teaching, Learning, Hacking
Status Finished
Niche Software
Purpose Fun


A fixed weekly? time to get together and skillshare on software. There can be a workshop or presentation, and then a general co-hacking space. Hopefully there are others around that can help you when you get stuck.


Were aiming for a weekly meeting, but there may not be enough demand. Its more likely to happen 2+ times a month.

The first software sunday is planned for March 3rd 2013.



There was a suggestion to alternate basic workshops and advanced ones, to allow beginners to feel at home.

Themes currently planned:

  • Linux
  • Security
  • Web applications
  • Programming Languages

Themes suggested by participants at first meeting:

  • Android
  • Selenium, Cucumber
  • Python
  • Android App Development
  • PyGTK
  • Security (and how to run your own server safely?)
  • Firewalls
  • Automation (Puppet, Chef, Fabric, etc.)
  • Large-Scale Architectures
  • Linux on the Desktop? Alternatives
  • Systemd

Specific events will be added to the wiki page once confirmed.

Suggestions for themes

If there is a subject you would want to teach or learn, add it to the list of suggestions below:

  • Linux
  • Python
  • Drupal
  • .....