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Participants Realitygaps, Voidz0r
Skills Python, irc, Programming, Git
Status Active
Niche Software
Purpose World domination

shardik is a bot that runs in #techinc. It's based on, with some extra modules (hosted at 2015 update: Willie seems to be called sopel now - (

You can /msg shardik to have a private query (and reduce spam on the channel)

Techinc Related Features

  • .state - returns the current space state (open/closed)
  • .spacestate - returns the current space state (open/closed)
  • .rule X - returns rule number X from the wiki
  • .togglestate - toggles the space open/closed state
  • .startrss - starts tracking rss feeds (new wiki pages, github commits, etc)
  • .mpd playing - returns current song playing
  • .mpd state - returns current mpd state
  • .mpd play - starts mpd playing
  • .mpd stop - stops mpd
  • .mpd pause - pauses mpd
  • .mpd next - start next track playing in mpd
  • .alertspace - flashes the lights at the space (to catch peoples attention)
  • .nextevent - fetches the next event from the wiki
  • .nextevents - fetches the next 3 events from the wiki
  • .parking - returns the current parking code
  • .setparking VALUE - sets the current parking code to VALUE
  • .setparking - clears the parking code value

Space check in/out features

  • .who - Check who is in the space
  • .checkin - Check yourself into the space
  • .anoncheckin - Check an anonymous user into the space
  • .guestcheckin - Check a guest into the space

  • .checkout - Check yourself out of the state
  • .anoncheckout - Check an anonymous user out of the space
  • .guestcheckout - Check a guest out of the space

  • .emptylist - Empty the check-in list

Food order module features

  • .order - Check whether an order is active and where
  • .orderstart __Restaurant - URL__ - Start a new order
  • .orderadd __Order details__ - Add to the order
  • .orderdel - Clears your order
  • .myorder - See your order
  • .orderfull - Order initiator can see the whole order
  • .orderfinal - Order initiator can lock the order
  • .orderclear - Order initiator can clear the order

Other Bot Features

  • .tell user message - will tell user the message when they next appear
  • .in time message - will remind at that time of the message
  • .tr phrase - translates phrase
  • .commands - bot will send you a list of commands

Disabled Features

Willie has a lot of features, we have turned some of them off.

  • auto-correction based on regex s/x/y was disabled (as some ppl complained it was annoying)
  • ai has been disabled
  • Shardik may be separated into two bots, one for space related items and another for other bot things (so ppl can ignore one)

Planned Features

  • automate trackstate and startrss on channel join
  • check-in/out functionality
  • next event module (based on next wiki event, with reminder notice to channel before an event)
  • food module (for ordering/coordinating food orders)
  • wikibot module - for other wiki integration (tools, pledges, projects, users, etc?)
  • helpbot module - for space info/faq/intro stuff
  • meetbot module - there are meeting features in the bot (to manage irc meetings and automatically export logs/notes)
  • spaceweather module
  • bofh module
  • lart module
  • rms module
  • game module - ctf stats, game server directory, that kinda shit

Requested Features

  • pledge updates e.g.: Small sticker pledge now @ |██████______________| 28% - € 65 remaining