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Skills Creative thinking, Social Networking
Status Finished
Niche Community
Purpose Promotion

A gift-pack with documents and goodies that explains to interested people what we are all about. It's mend as an icebraker and quick introduction for someone that may not have any clue at all about Techinc or Hackerspaces in general, but is important to have a sympathetic attitude towards our association.

Initially conceived for the neighbours at WG, initial goal is to make 12-15 packs. The welcome packs could later be adapted to be a gift for other people/occasions as well.

Proposed WG contents

  • [Done] A "hello" letter inviting them to the Socials and just how kick-ass we'd use the space and how kick-ass it'd be for the whole WG community to have us. Preferably, Nederlands and English, one sheet, double sided. See: hello-pack/letter
  • [Missing] An initial plan of how we'd use the space at WG. Just a sketch, nothing final, just to give an impression to WG people of our space use.
  • [Done (in the letter)] Add a list of highlights of 2013 events and new events we see going for this year. Let's not forget to include stuff like the Wednesday summer-barbecues, the Quadcopter demos outside, etc. Think: We have this awesome space, what are we going to be doing with it?
  • [Done] Some techinc stickers.
  • [Done] A Trinket like a TechincWheel, Bristle-bot, or something similar we have the part laying around. It doesn't need to be fancy, just work. Most people have never seen such a thing. Now we're giving them one, because we're awesome. Alternatively a 3d printed trinket, cool to print different things for each pack. Suggestions: hello-pack/3dgifts
  • [Done] A throwie in parts and with printed instructions, so they can build it or give it to their kid/nephew.
  • [Done] Include it in a container like a big envelope with a TechInc sticker on the outside and hand-deliver it.


Cost should be no more then €10 per hello-pack. Maybe we can later decide on an alternative light-hello-pack that's cheaper, so we can be share them more widely.