Privacy Wear

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Participants Phrag
Skills Electronics, Photography, Light Spectrum
Status Planning
Niche Electronics
Purpose World domination


Wearable Devices to Enhance Privacy / Obfuscate Face from Photography and CCTV


The idea arose to create wearable devices to obfuscate the users face from photography and/or CCTV, especially in dark environments like clubs or parties where flash photography is often used (smart phones).


Make it difficult to take a photo / record a users face with a camera.


Experiment with some basic technologies.


  • Reflective Tape / Material - Baseball Cap / Head Band
  • InfraRed LEDs - Baseball Cap / Head Band / Sun Glasses / Pendant
  • Counter Flash Device - Triggers on flash, fires off counter flash
    • Personal Necklace or Area Device

Resoures - (Broken URL, mailed admin) - (Broken URL, mailed admin)