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nickname Chotee
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Part of Projects Ledslie, laser-pop

Generally building blinky/shiny thingies with an Arduino/Atmel at the center of it.

Things I've build

  • Constant Current Source . A custom design of a regulated constant current support for the lasers in the Laser-pop project.
  • Led cube (Spring-Autumn 2013). A white 6*4*4 leg-"cube" hanging from 12vAC rail (for halogen lamps). Tech: Arduno Nano; 12vAC to DC conversion; Shift registers; Custom software.
  • Double dodecahedron (Spring 2013, now destroyed). RGB light to be controlled via remote control with various light programs. Tech: 3d soldering; Arduino Uno; IR receiver and IR protocols; light level sensing; Custom software.
  • Shiftclock (Late 2012). RGB leds in a round wall lamp; shifts colours to show time. Adapts light intensity to the amount of ambient light. Tech: Arduino Uno, 12x ShiftBrite, RTC module, Light sensing; Custom software.
  • Ledslie
  • Unidecade resistorbox

builds currently in process

Builds stalled

  • Laser-pop. Making popcorn with lasers (since spring 2014)
  • Constant current sink - Selectable 1mA to 2000mA.
  • Useless-box (box that when turned on, will turn itself off)

Builds I have thought about doing, but not committed to

(In reverse chronological order)

Software I generally use to make

(Ask me if you want to get some help getting going)