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Skills writing, organisation, empathy
Status Active
Niche Community
Purpose Infrastructure


Techinc has existed for 10 years now; there are tons of things that we do and know that arent written down anywhere but are just in the heads of people. This is presenting more and more of a challenge explaining to new members, or even existing members who did not get hear about recent changes, etc.

When a new member joins the association, a board-member takes the new member by the arm and gives an extended tour around the space that can easily take upwards of an hour of time; simply showing, explaining, demonstrating things. This could be greatly reduced if more things would be documented, on the wiki, link-able, etc.

For that reason, I (Justa) am asking people to step up and help 'fill in the gaps' by helping write a little bit about our space; taking a moment to document 'your particular bit of expertise'.

How to help

For each of the bullet-points below, a sub-page is created which'll be empty by default but can/should be filled in with a short, succint, text telling about the use/function/reason of that thing. Some of these can be quite long (like the association parts); some of these could be as simple as a few words on how to turn something on/off, where to find X,y or z..etc.

The intention is to take all these texts and collate them into a workable document in some way. It is *very* likely that the document will be one that'll live entirely on the wiki; with most instructions/info simply being a short statement about something and then a link to the wiki-documentation about that item/thing.

The texts collected via this project are very likely going to be used to UPDATE or AUGMENT existing wiki-documentation, or be used to CREATE the documentation if it isnt there.


History + Reason

Rules , Rights, Expectations

Membership terms and conditions


Goals, hopes

Communication channels

Socials, gatherings

Physical Space

Location info

Getting there, getting in

Lights, Power, Action

Areas and their use

Dishes, garbage and cleaning

Drinks, Foods, Fridges

How money works