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Participants Justa
Skills Brewing, Basic electronics, Not Being on Fire, construction, biology
Status Active
Niche FoodHacks
Purpose Fun
Harvest of wild hop from garden, 2015


Brewing beer is easier when you think.

There's a number of people in the space and other 'interested parties' who'd be interested in putting together a number of things to aid in the brewing of beer. A number of them have already brewed before; sometimes only from 'syrup', however, and not from 'full grain'.

The aim of this project is to get together a group of people and pick a date and place to bring a number of tools together and perform the brewing of a few batches of full-grain beer. Expect to learn how beer-brewing takes place, as well as be experiencing all the associated skills that go with it. It's likely we'll need to weld a stand for a burner that'll support a 50-liter brewing-vessel. We'll need to work on adjusting/tuning/extending the malt-mill(s). We might even venture into automatic temperature monitoring and regulation, etc etc. etc.

In other words; all the best things of all disciplines mashed up together.

Brew Days

3rd of October 2015

We were

  • Marnix (cancelled)
  • Piele (present)
  • Justa (present)
  • Eduardo (came to watch)

We brewed a around 18l of IPA and 13L of dark dark stout. Expect more info about these brews.

Brew-day gallery is here

Note: the beers have been bottled and have been divided between Piele and Justa. Parties interested in trying them are invited to contact either person.

BeerBrewDay II - FirstOfMayBeerBrewDay - 2016-05-01

Yay! Beer Brew Day II is upon us!

We're going to go for a ServerRoom Saison; nicely kept at a high fermentation temperature by use of the electrons we recycle in our server-room ! (or is it the holes we're recycling....current is so confusing).

We'll be trying to bring a number of beers with us from the previous brew-day, as well as some personal brewing experiments from home. Likely, we might brew a second beer too; style yet to be determined. Suggestions welcome !

Some other highlights:

  • New pully-driven barley-mill arrangement. Exciting amount of possible failure-modes !
  • High-volume batch brewing with small-batch equipment. How to get the most out of your gear
  • Invitation to people to bring their brewing-kits: let us help you brew your first/better beer!
  • Guide into the entire process for novices
  • Opportunity for asking questions about the finer points of the process.

More information can be found on FirstOfMayBeerBrewDay event-page!

2017-04-09 - Double trouble in Heemskerk

Who brewed:

  • Wouter
  • Piele
  • Katje
  • Justa

What did we make?

Batch 1: Serverroom Saison - ~162l
  • Brew Length: 162L
  • OG: 1.060

Grain Bill:

  • Pilsner Malt - 85%
  • Wheat Malt - 5%
  • Table Sugar - 10%

Mash steps:

  • Single step 60min @ 67C. 5L/kg.
  • Mash out @ 78C


  • 383g - EKG @ 5.93% alpha. FWH.
  • 217g - EKG @ 5.93% alpha. Aroma hops @ flame out


  • Wyeast 3711, White transparant 60L FV @ serverroom.
  • Danstar Belle Saison, White / Green 60L FV @ serverroom, 30L FV @ Piele's home.
  • Mangrove Jack M29, 30L FV @ Piele's Home, 5Gallon keg @ Justa's home.

Measurements on 2017-05-02 at TechInc:

  • Wyeast 3711: FG 1.003
  • Danstar Belle Saison: FG 1.000

Measurements on 2017-06-09 at TechInc prior to kegging

  • Wyeast 3711: FG 1.000
  • Danstar Belle Saison: FG 0.998
Batch 2: "I don't know what it is, but it's dark and it's got Rye in it" - Renamed : 'Wave Function Collapse - RIPA #1'
  • Brew Length: 23L
  • Target Gravity: 1.037
  • OG: 1.042

Grain Bill:

  • Pilsner Malt - 83.9%
  • Rye Malt - 12.9%
  • Carafa III - 3.2%


29g - EKG @ 5.93% alpha. FWH.


Irish Moss - 1 spoonful @ 5 mins boil.


S-04 Yeast, femented In Justa's bathroom.

Future Brew Days

May/June 2017

  • IPAv6 - ~6%

People to inform about next events

  • Branko
  • Mr_Seeker
  • 'Guy' (a colleague of Justa at XS4ALL
  • Erwinsch (idem)
  • SanderK (friend of Justa)
  • Dreamer ?
  • epoz
  • sproet
  • BigMacFooBar
  • Helios
  • Techwolf12
  • Jasper (colleague at XS4ALL)

Information and resources


Construction info

  • [[1]] DIY malt-mill with wooden rollers
  • [[2]] Concrete roller DIY malt-mill