RIPE Atlas probes at hackerspaces

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Participants Becha
Skills Community building
Status Active
Niche Community
Purpose World domination

Project: RIPE Atlas probes at hackerspaces, by BECHA

I am a Community Builder for RIPE Atlas and member of Technologia Incognita, Amsterdam Hackerspace -- and a friend of many other hackerspaces (see my other workshop at 29c3:

My goal is to have one RIPE Atlas probe installed in every hackerspace -- combining work and pleasure.

I also bring probes with me when I am visiting hackerspaces during Hackerspaces_tour

How to apply

If you want a RIPE Atlas probe:

   * go to -> create a "user account" (unless you already have one)
   * log in - go to
   * fill in the details and in "method of delivery" say _ship it to me_
   * ... and we'll ship it to you...
   * once you plug it in (mark it to be "public")
   * please let me know when you have one working, so that i can add it to my list of probes-at-hackerspaces...

Hackerspaces that have a probe

View within the RIPE Atlas

March 2015

  • It is possible to add a user tag for your RIPE Atlas probe called "hackerspace" -- MetaLab did it!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 22.36.19.png

January 2013

Picture 3.png

December 2012:

Picture 83.png

Map at

Picture 5.png

By Nico: at wiki

    Instructions: you can add this to a hackerspace by editing it with a form 
    and select at the bottom the equipment "RIPE Atlas".

Map by Inigo

(coming up soon)


Workshops at 29c3


Slides of the talk given at 1st & 2nd workshop:

Goodies for in the bag

IMG 3939.JPG

Goodies in the bag

IMG 3940.JPG

What is RIPE Atlas

RIPE Atlas is a measurements network consisting of 3000+ HW probes that send pings, traceroutes, DNS queries etc either to fixed targets (root name servers) or do customized measurements by the people who are hosting the probes. Data is made available to everyone, in form of maps and raw data.

why should you want a probe

Probe hosts can get more details about their own measurements, earn "credits" for volunteering their bandwidth & electricity, and spend credits on customized measurements.

Video by Unicorn from RaumZeitLabor (in German!)

News and features

  • Source code published! May 2013!

  • (2015) Hackathons!!
  • (2015) Wikipedia page
  • (2015) IPJ Article!


Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 12.51.36.png

December 2012: TechInc opening party:

January 2013: Revspace Opening Party:

May 2013: Randomdata workshop - coming up!

August 2013: OHM2013:

September 2013: BalCCon


  • add map showing which hackerspaces & probes
  • distribute more at OHM2013