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TechInc Member
nickname Ultratux
Memberstatus member
Tasks Shoving improvements through this space's throat since 2012 ;-p
Part of Projects SpaceSuction, SpaceFluids, 8^3Cube, Cerberups, Cerberus_(metric), Dirty_Room_II, Fusebox, Better_sound, Home_Hosting, TTIP, DeltaFlightcase, WestSpaceAudio, TshirtGears, Plexilights, PowerbarQuadSwitch, LEDsDoIt, CircularSawRefurbish, SawWorkTable, SoldeerStago‎, SuckWell, SawRouterTable
Manages Cerberupsvoertuig, Hideo
  • Infrastructure builder: created or contributed to many pieces of infrastructure, from running water to air treatment, from lighting to audio, expanding & rebuilding the dirtyroom.
  • Soldering & electronics skills: owned computer repair shop in start to mid nineties (Atari), repaired hifi too, repaired prof. audio/music equipment before that. Worked with everything from vacuum tubes to transistors to opamps to DIL logic to some SMD.
  • Computing: Good with Linux. Not bad with Windows, but there's much hate and loathing. Bad with programming languages. Extensive sysadmin experience in heterogenous environments.
  • Built, or helped build via workshop, all of the delta 3D printers in the space.
  • General: Good language skills. Good with many tools, both large and small. Able to form cognitive processes. Not good with social situations. Is well known to 'see bears on the road'.