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Skills Soldering, Basic electronics, Coding
Status Dormant
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun

Since I had a (fake) teensy left with no project for it I decided to make a Brain Machine.

Basically it's blinking lights and beeping sound that put you in a state of total relaxation .. or something.

Bill of Materials

  • at90usb162 (fake Teensy 1.0 from $wellknownchinesevendor)
  • 2 LEDs (blinky blink)
  • 2 Resistors (68Ω)
  • 2 capacitors (0.46µF)
  • minijack-plug (ripped from an old dvdrom-drive)
  • logarithmic stereo-potmeter (220K, volume control)
  • battery-pack (pack for 2xAAA obtained, needs testing)
  • some wiring
  • old pair of laboratory glasses New pair of flexible protective glasses bought (adv: easy to put on, holes for mounting stuff, glass can be easily taken out for painting and such)

I will make a socket for the teensy to fit in so I can take it out for use in other projects.

Since the µC can do much more than just blink and beep (and the firmware takes up something like 5% of the memory) I want to add some other features:

  • a button that switches to a different meditation-mode (brain frequency)
  • moar LEDs! \o/ (maybe a row of LEDs on the front that do a nice KIT-thingy, or some other spacey/trippy blinky-things)
  • ... (suggestions are welcome :) )


  • Prototype working
  • Main components soldered to perfboard (with socket for Teensy)
  • ..