Fifty Shirts of Gray

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Participants Becha
Skills Sewing
Status Finished
Niche Sewing
Purpose Fun

I have many geeky T-shirts that I love, they remind me of the events and places I was enjoying - but I can not wear all of them any more. I want to keep them, as a reminder, as a souvenir, as a trophy.

I have made the first T-shirts quilt in 2005, for "What the Hack" congress.

(this flag have in the meantime traveled the world... T-shirts_Hacking#Hackers_flag_goes_places )

In 2013 I wanted to have a topic, and, since geeky T-shirts come mainly in black and white, but, with age and nonchalant washing practices, they end up in being in the *Fifty Shades of Gray*.

Many people contributed their shirts, and I am grateful.

It took a lot of work: choosing, cutting, combining, sewing. I am happy and proud with the result!

Premiere was at "Observe Hack Make" festival, August 2013.


OHM-50-shades 66A2135.png

Thanks to everyone who contributed the T-shirts:

  • Arnd
  • Philip
  • Dan
  • Bert
  • Randy
  • Tannie
  • Fransje
  • Azart
  • Nana
  • Shane
  • ...
  • (apologies if I forgot someone!)

On Tour

At OHM2013

The premiere showing of the flag was at , at NoisySquare.


BalCCon 2013

at, Hackers COngress in Novi Sad, Serbia, September 2013

50 shirts balccon 2013 small.jpg

Project Description

Geeky T-shirts come mainly in black and white, but, with age and nonchalant washing practices, they end up in being in the *Fifty Shades of Gray*.

Quilt will be 5x10 field of patches of T-shirt cut-outs, ranging form black to white, and with 8 more columns in between.


It's happening at OHM!

T-shit-flag will be made prior or at this summer's Dutch hackers camping event OHM2913:

T-shirts needed!!

Please send your old, geeky, grey T-shirts to us!

Shipping address

Shipping address: Vesna , Singel 258, 1016 A'dam, NL


50 shades of grey hex t-shirt.jpg Picture 18.png 50 shades of grey hex sticker.png

Work in Progress

First 25 shirts, modeled on the (h)ACTA floor, end-June 2013


50 shirts 2.JPG


  • We might include some BDSM practices in the workshop, too ;-)
    • ripping the t-shirts instead of cutting?
    • making the blind-folds of the black t-shirts?
    • mod shirts with zippers, nails, safety pins
  • Get the "50 shades of grayscale" picture as a logo ;-)
  • With this theme we should/could do something with leather
    • leather wristbands with nails (e.g text TechInc)
    • or wristbands with LEDs
  • On the safe side: pillow, bag, sleeve, book cover, kite


  • Becha (organiser)

Prior work examples

Been there-done that-got a t-shirt.jpg W6l.jpg & &

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