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Status Finished
Niche Community
Purpose World domination

This project page is for the purpose of figuring out what we want to bring to ohm2013 from techinc. It doesn't seem like we will have a techinc village @ohm so this page is being used to list who is planning to be where and doing what @ohm2013.

Please add things you think will be useful, and discuss.

What to bring from 'space

  • The flag (becha)
  • Wheel, sewing machine (Narya)
  • 2 Stroop-Waffle-Irons (one is still in a white box on top of the shelves, the other on the kitchen-shelves)
  • the ledwall
  • soldering equipment (webmind's stuff can be taken to ohm if there is interest)
  • electronic parts boxes
  • I have some electricity (haspel) that might come in handy (is not at the space tho)(ultratux)
  • Maybe, just maybe, my 3D printer, but I will only decide when I know weather forecast (ultratux)
  • Maybe, if finished by then, my 8x8x8 LED cube (=>fragile)(ultratux)
  • Perhaps TechInc t-shirts (and/or -board), but we need to make some arrangements then (ultratux)
  • quadcopter!!!!?!!!?!!?! sadly has defect (ultratux)
  • projection screen (from: cleanroom, to:
  • the arcade - machine (from: techinc to: rainbow island - field R) - AndreasR
  • several cases with probiotic beverages and Arnd's things for Food Hacking Base like fridge, stoves etc. (from: clean room to: food hacking base) - Frantisek

Who & Where

Activities & Projects

  • AndreasR and Gamer > Rainbow Island helping out / general volunteers

Transport & Rides

If you are going to ohm and have space for people and/or stuff or are looking for a way to get to ohm with your people and/or stuff, write something here:

  • Realitygaps - Could use some transport for some FreeVillage tents and equipment.
  • phicoh - has a car and is willing to drive to OHM a couple of times to transport stuff.
  • Chotee - has a car (just a hatchback, but rear seats can fold forward) and is willing to drive to OHM a couple of times to transport stuff.
  • dreamer - will do HoaB as usual :)
  • mariejel - will help transport stuff by car for FreeVillage and others if needed