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Participants Voidz0r
Skills Creative thinking, Design
Status Finished
Niche Other
Purpose Infrastructure
This project is brought to you by Minitrue

In order to serve participants better, we aim to inform them so they'll be less uninformed. We at Minitrue understand the need for better information like no other. For this reason, we gratuitously provide TechInc with signs in and around the space making it a better place to be for all of you. On behalf of our staff we'd like to thank you for working with us.

The format we use is clear and concise; short words on separate lines in a bold monochrome font for maximum readability. You can see an outline in the project image. The font is Liberation Sans Bold at 88 points. The text is horizontally aligned to a guideline at 10cm from the left edge, excluding page margin (1cm). The text is vertically aligned to the bottom margin (also 1cm). The arrows are not part of the template. Guidelines and margins are not printed. Batteries not included. Terms and conditions may apply. Not for rectal use.

The format is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL, Will Twerk for Food in Public License. Please consult our legal department for details. If you agree to their terms, you may use the 100% free and open source file (info).

The project is named for the first half after the software used in the creation of the signs, which is LibreOffice. We also use Inkscape and the Gimp but the alternatives "Scape Space" or "Gimp Space" have a somewhat less official ring to them. The other half is named after the gracious use of white space in our supreme format.

We at Minitrue welcome your suggestions. Please contact a customer service centre near you if you have any. Call 0118 999 881 999 119 725 ... 3 and our certified customer service representatives will help you in just a moment.

We are hiring! Do you feel compelled to inform everyone of Purely True Facts™ as much as we do? You can help by joining us. We are looking specifically for people who are able to:

  • Write only true English words and figures
  • Work without staplers
  • Fix signs to arbitrary surfaces, and
  • Always use the correct cover sheets

Please contact your nearest MinitrueⓇ representative if you fit the above description.


Description Type Location Status
2+2=5 Standard Near printer Informing
Backspace Icon Back of space Informing
Don't Feed The Troll Standard Main fridge MIA
Drink Mate Standard Above monitor desk Disliked
Drink Mate Standard Above mixing board Informing
Here Rests The Troll Standard Sofa MIA
IDDQD Save Us Standard Above arcade Informing
The Final Front Door Standard Front door (outside) MIA
This Side Up Standard Ceiling Informing
You Are Here Standard Near Button Of Truth Informing
Make a positive impact HappyBombs Next to ®evbank monitor Impacting

Please keep this table updated!

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