Internet Governance and hackers

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Participants 3p1c, Becha
Skills Community building, Hacking
Status Planning
Niche Community
Purpose Education

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IANA Transition

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  • DONE!
    • 3rd October 2016 - IANA stewardship transition completed

    • ...




"IANA transition"

Under current arrangements, the NTIA is responsible for extending or renewing the IANA
functions agreement, and setting the terms of that contract. A new contract with the five RIRs
and the IANA functions operator as signatories would shift the responsibility for renewing,
setting terms or terminating the contract to the RIRs, who would coordinate their decisions via
the NRO Executive Council (made up of the RIR Directors and Chief Executives). Decisions
made regarding the contract would be based on operational circumstances, past performance
and input from open, regional communities.
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"In discussions of this new entity I have heard very little discussion of 
how to structurally inhibit aggregation of power, inhibit insularity, and inhibit capture."

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Criticism of multistakehoderism

after prism


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Internet Governance

How does the Internet work



Digital Divide


  • Tor, Technocracy, Democracy
    • coders don’t just have good things to contribute to the political world, but that the political world is theirs to do with what they want, and the rest of us should stay out of it: the political world is broken ... and the solution to that... is for programmers to take political matters into their own hands.


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  • Karma Server -- about optimizing mailing lists reading / writing Karma_server
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about IANA transition

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