Arcade Machine Volume Control

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Arcade volume control.jpg
Participants Li0n
Skills Pcb-destruction, Programming, Soldering
Status Active
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infrastructure

this page is a submodule of the main arcade machine page:

how to adjust the volume of the arcade machine

this neat little device labelled "volume", mounted at the top of the arcade machine, has a nice big turning knob that can be used to easily adjust the volume. it basically emulates a keyboard.

it also has an IR receiver that responds to most inputs from a random remote control that's laying around somewhere nearby. you can use this to adjust the volume, but also to navigate through the machine, or to play games if you feel up to the challenge.

another way to remotely adjust the volume of the arcade machine is to SSH into the machine. this is a native feature of the arcade machine and does not involve the device described on this page. we decided to make this device because we felt like this method was not intuitive nor easily accessible. we know the raspberry pi is very overpowered for this task, but we're happy it just works. you're welcome to come up with a more efficient way to achieve the same goal.

to adjust the volume with SSH follow these steps:

  1. open a terminal on another device
  2. make sure you are connected to the techinc network
  3. type "ssh techinc@" and press enter
  4. type "alsamixer" and press enter
  5. now you can use the up and down arrows to adjust the volume

if all else fails you can always adjust the volume on the machine itself using alsamixer if you can figure out how to open a terminal on there. perhaps by pressing ctrl+alt+t on the keyboard.

volume device


  • pcb and casing taken from a radio
  • Raspberry Pi Pico
  • micro-usb cable
  • some wires, solder, and hot glue
backside of the volume control


to do

  • give the volume control device a fun name
  • design a 3d printed case to attach this device to the arcade machine
  • add easy to use flipper zero controls for IR
  • expand this page


  • try to make the screen do something
  • make more buttons work
  • come up with a use for the other buttons and knobs