Food Hacking

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Skills Brewing, Biology, Teaching, Cooking
Status Finished
Niche FoodHacks
Purpose Fun

Welcome to the Food Hacking Project

Examples of Food Hacking

Weds 17 July

We have been preparing various spreads, salads and other dishes for the barbecue social night. The picture are around, please upload them!


Thurs 18 July

Today we have been preparing variety of crostini's. The flavors ranged from red pepper spicy chicken, olive fried mushrooms, to sate simmered pork with onion slightly caramelized on beer ...


Crostini preparation
Crostini the final result!

Friday 19 July

The rest of the beef and pork were chopped and mixed with sliced onions and all mixed with bit of salt and teriyaki sauce. The final mix was transferred to the sealable plastic container and left to work at cold in the fridge. May be a nice treat tomorrow for the LAN party ...

Teriyaki mix
Teriyaki mix, playing with shadows