Streaming ASCII Pr0n

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Participants Sacha
Skills Coding
Status Planning
Niche Software
Purpose Promotion

Why The world needs streaming ascii pr0n via telnet. They just don't know it yet, but it will be a much appreciated feature of the Internet that would have the Chinese adjusting their firewalls and aliens on remote planets accelerating their invasion plans.

Also it will grab the attention of fellow hackers and Internet users maybe drawing some water to TechInc in a positive (red) light.

What Create the code to convert movies with XXX rated content into streamable ASCII pr0n accessible via telnet or SSH or other means for low bandwidth connections or low CPU resources.

Who For now just me (Sacha) having experience and done projects in similar lines.

Where TmpInc? Home? GFs house?


15:06:40 <@dramaturg> Sacha: this should do the trick: CACA_DRIVER=ncurses mplayer -vo caca -ao null
15:06:56 <@dramaturg> Sacha: don't forget to disable the sound with -ao null!!!
15:11:16 <@dramaturg> Sacha: mplayer also does aalib. -vo aa:driver=curses or something like that