2020 Stay The F*** home Techinc Solder Kit

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Techinc logo pcb 2020.jpeg
Skills PCB Design, Soldering
Status Active
Niche Electronics
Purpose World domination

2020 Stay The F*** Home Techinc Solder Kit

Following Hack42 and Revspace, Techinc now also has its own 25mm radius round object! Since many of you may suffer from flux-resin withdrawal due to the space being closed, and because the space could do with some extra cash, said round object will be for sale as an SMD solder kit! The kit will include a PCB, a pre-programmed microcontroller, a battery holder, LEDs to taste, a bit of solder (, if requested) and some passives.

I Brainsmoke (talk), will reimburse myself for the material costs, the rest of the money will go to the association.

What does it do?

  • Show an animation
  • Show a custom animation sent via 9600 baud UART [8 bytes of brightness values]

The badge can be powered either using a cr2032 battery, or externally, up to 5V.

What does it cost?

product cost shipping* total cost
Techinc 2020 PCB (bare PCB only) EUR 7 EUR 2* EUR 9*
Techinc 2020 PCB Solder Kit EUR 10 EUR 2* EUR 12*
Techinc 2020 PCB already-soldered EUR 40 EUR 2* EUR 42*

*) cost for shipping within the Netherlands, I will research international shipping upon request.

What to do?

  • Select a configuration of LEDs: https://pizzadoos.com/ledselect/ (JavaScript required)
  • Send your selected configuration & your address to tipcb2020 ÅŤ pizzadoos.com

Solder instructions

More instructions will follow, however, they're similar to: PCB_Techinc_Logo

MCU Code



* What MCU is used?
  the used MCU is a Padauk PFS154, but the design is also pin-compatible
  with the Attiny2x2 series as well as (some?) SOP8 PIC micros
* Can the MCU be programmed in-circuit?
  Sadly no, but you can display custom animations using a UART rx pin
* Can I save on shipping costs by picking it up at Techinc?
  No, I'm staying the f*** home'